Meet Cory

Have you ever felt as though you were decent at many things in life but never truly great at one thing? That’s pretty much been me my entire life. I’ve always tried to find something I was exceptional at…something I truly excelled in…something I could do the rest of my life and be happy doing it. I have worn many hats in my life, and in fact, still do.

Hi, I’m Cory…a coffee addicted, wine sippin’, trying to be fit but also loves donuts, former flight attendant turned stay at home mompreneuer. I guess you can say that I’ve never been very grounded (bahaha, see what I did there? Grounded…cuz I was a flight attendant…) in the path I was currently on. I was always taking detours, wrong turns, the long way around, etc etc. I knew I wanted to be successful…I just didn’t how to get there.

I’ve literally had every type of job you can imagine, put myself through college while juggling a full time class schedule and three jobs…yes three. I came out of it with a degree in interior design…which btw, again, I am only decent at. When I realized that I more than likely would never get hired by a design firm, I decided that I knew I wanted a career in which I could help people…but, like, blood makes me super light headed and nauseous…so I had no idea what career I wanted. Finally, after bouncing around from more than a few jobs in more than a few industries, I stumbled upon a Facebook Ad for a Frontier Airlines hiring event in my city.

That was it, I had finally found the career for me! Then bam, I’m pregnant. Let me just tell you, being a flight attendant is not a very ideal career choice if you want to spend more than 10-15 days a month with your family. Goodbye to that career. Hello to becoming a SAHM…But even still, I feel the need to overflow my plate and take on (usually) more than I can handle. So I went back to working a full time job, absolutely hated it, and then found network marketing! You guys, I had never even heard of network marketing let alone knew what I was doing…but I wanted to lose my excess baby weight, get a discount on the products, and try to earn some money in the process. I blew up my sponsors email basically begging her to take my money so that I could get started.

That’s when I found my true passion. It was always helping others…I just didn’t know how without passing out or throwing up…until then! I could help women obtain their health and fitness goals. I could provide the tools women need so that they can love their bodies!

Long story short, I stuck with that network marketing company for a little over a year, wasn’t earning as much as I’d hoped by then, and stumbled upon a ground floor network marketing business! If you know anything about network marketing, it’s that you’ve got to get in it during their early stages! Annnnnd…I get to drink free wine with my friends while earning an income. Does it get better?! (You can learn more about this Wine Biz in my Entrepreneuerin’ page and even apply to join my team in my Become a Wine Queen page.) Except…I missed helping women through health and fitness. So here I am! I worked my butt off (Not literally, it’s actually still pretty big) getting my personal training certification and this company, site, blog, and digital weight loss & transformation programs for you!

I want to thank you so much for joining in on this crazy journey of mine and for the outpouring of support I’ve received from family, friends, and women I don’t even personally know but am so glad crossed my path! I hope you gain something (Or lose, rather…lbs that is) from everything I’ve created for you!