September Boxycharm Review

Hello gorgeous! So glad you stopped by. So…I tried Boxycharm! Here’s what I thought of it.

Please keep in mind that I am not being compensated or receiving any free product for this review.

Let me start by telling you that I am not a makeup artist. I love makeup and my best friend is an incredible makeup artist…but I am not. I actually pretty recently got into makeup, because of my bestie of course. I am mediocre, at best, at doing my makeup. I’m just a normal bish tryna be cute. I have watched many makeup tutorials, learned what I like, practiced, gotten decent, and was interested in discovering new products.

I heard about Boxycharm in a makeup group on Facebook that I am in. If you haven’t heard of Boxycharm, it’s a monthly makeup subscription box that comes with 5+ full sized makeup products for $21. When I read that, I thought, “Bitch, take my moneyyy!” FIVE FULL SIZED PRODUCTS FOR $21?! DO YOU READ ME? Is this too good to be true?! Like any other basic bitch, I had my doubts…so I did my research and searched #boxycharm in Insta. Typical! But I couldn’t believe what was being shipped out in Augusts box! Tarte’s Rainforest of the Sea Palette! I had my eye on that baby already and that alone was definitely more than $21. I signed up right then. Unfortunately for me, Boxycharm is SO popular that they have a wait list! Needless to say, I was not a VIP for August lol. Buttttt, I did get off the waitlist in September! Upon enrollment, I was prompted to take a little quiz that allowed Boxycharm to ‘get to know me.’ The quiz asked questions like what my hair and eye color are. If I’m interested in nail polishes, what hair products I like, etc.

So, once you’re off the wait list, Boxycharm sends you an email stating that you are, in fact, off the wait list, and that you’ll be charged $21 between the 1-3 of the month and shipping starts on the 10th. I was charged Sept. 1 and my box arrived Sept. 19! So what did I get? Here it is!

Within the box was 6 full sized products to die for!

  1. Soiree Diaries Eye shadow Palette by PUR Cosmetics, which is sold on their website for $34.
  2. Ultra Satin Lip by Colourpop in the color ‘Strip’, which is sold on their website for $6.
  3. Eyebrows by M.A.C. Cosmetics in the color ‘Lingering’, which is sold on their website for $18.
  4. Face Perfecting Brush by bareMinerals, which is sold on their website for $28.
  5. Loose Blush by Studio Makeup, which is sold on their website for $35.
  6. Don’t Despair Deep Conditioning Mask by Briogeo, which is sold on their website for $20.

I got ALL OF THAT for $21. as you can clearly see, buying these items individually would’ve been wayyyy more than $21. $141 to be exact. That wouldn’t have included tax and shipping charges of each product either. Honestly, I am beyond amazed with Boxycharm.

I have used all but the deep conditioning mask already and plan on using that this week! The colors of the blush, eyebrow crayon, and satin lipstick are perfect for me!

The Colourpop Ultra Satin Lip in Strip has quickly become a favorite of mine. It feels so smooth, applies flawlessly, doesn’t dry my lips out, was totally kiss proof (believe me, I gave a adorable nephew about 100 kisses and my lipstick was still flawless), and is the perfect color on me! I would say the one and only thing I wasn’t fond of about it was that it kind of smells like a crayon. No big deal though.

The Studio Makeup Loose Blush is serious fall blush goals! It’s the perfect color to be in Septembers box. I will be using this blush all of fall and winter. I however, couldn’t get the damn blush open at first haha.

The bareMinerals face perfecting brush is SO soft I could die! No, but really…And I didn’t need very much foundation on it for an all over, even, application.

The Soiree Diaries eye shadow palette by PUR is absolutely gorgeous. I recently discovered that I have ‘hooded eyelids’…yeah, I didn’t know that was a thing either…but it explained why my eye makeup never turned out like the girls in the makeup tutorial videos. However, I did watch a couple tutorials on hooded eyelids specifically and corrected a lot of what I was doing wrong for my particular lids! I am obsessed with the purples in this palette and obviously also with the shimmery shades! Now if only I could afford eyelid surgery…hahaha kidding.

I’m not very good at shaping and filling my brows, so I very recently had them microbladed. That’s another story but I don’t seem to have much use for the M.A.C. eyebrow crayon these days…thankfully! But i did use it to fill my brows a little more when I actually did a full face of makeup and the color was a perfect match for me. The crayon sharpens itself and applies pretty easily. I like that the tip is sharp enough for me to create those tiny ‘hair’ lines on the inner parts of my brows, towards my nose…if that makes sense.

I’m not much of a hair girl, I hardly ever even wash my hair let alone deep condition it…TMI, I know…whatevs lol. That’s why I haven’t tried the deep conditioning hair mask though. I checked out their website a little while ago and I’m now actually very intrigued to try it! wish me luck.

So…If you want to get nearly $150 worth of FULL SIZED products (I capitalized that because I think that’s the best part about Boxycharm) for just $21…you can click HERE. But seriously…who wouldn’t want that?!

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed my first review!

*I am not affiliated with any of the websites, links, or brands found in this post.


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