Update on Life as a TC Nutrition Athlete

*Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for helping me support the brands I truly love.

Hey all! I’ve been getting so many inquiries about TC Nutrition and the sponsorship I’ve received and wanted to update you all on my journey so far!

I’ve received my supplements, which are 100% 30 day money back guaranteed if you’re unhappy with the products, which I can tell you right now, I am not! The taste of the products is great and they work really well so far!

I’ve been in contact with a rep about them entirely fronting the money for their athletes to become NASM CPT’s and continue their personal growth in the health and fitness industry. I have not yet been enrolled in the program, however, was told that I should be receiving an email this week or next about the next steps to be taken in order to do so.

The company is fairly new, seems reputable, has given me no reason to distrust, and I look forward to continuing my health and fitness journey as a TCN sponsored athlete!

The products I received are as follows:

Shredded Shortcut Stack:

You can purchase any items separately or in the stack I’ve linked above. Use code CLAURITA10 at checkout for a discount!

Since starting just the shredded shortcut workout guide eBook on January 1, I’ve dropped 9lbs. I just recently received the supplements (they hadn’t released the stacks when I ordered but I received the eBooks right away) so I just started incorporating those into my diet and I haven’t really been following the meal plan they provided simply because I have an eating lifestyle that currently already works for what I personally am trying to achieve but I did take a look at the 30 day meal plan and it seems great!

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram @corylaurita to follow my journey and get updates on this TCN sponsorship! Comment below if you’ve got more questions and I’ll try to do my best to answer.


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